2024 IFCA State Clinic








Parking in the Garage.

If you are staying in the hotel, at checkout, keep your room key to use at gate. After scanning, gate will open with no charge. Drop key card in box after passing gate.

If you are not staying in the hotel, see Bob Prescott for a parking pass.

March 7, 8, and 9 - Sheraton Indianapolis at Keystone Crossing

Clinic Attendees need to wear issued BADGES during the State Clinic



Suite 5 is available all weekend for staff meetings and networking.



PGP points for IFCA State Clinic

Room Supervisors

Jarrod Pennycuff – Anderson
Jeremy Bilka – Lowell
LeRoy Wilson –
Brent Kunkel – Bluffton Nick Crago – Lowell Zach Taylor – Princeton
Mark Peterson – Chesterton Bob Szafranski – Lowell Eric Schnur – Princeton Community
Mike Moers – F.J. Reitz Jimmy Szafranski – Lowell Chris Chang – Purdue Polytechnic
Dan Muchler – Guerin Catholic Jim Carlson – Lowell Kenneth Higgins – South Dearborn
Terry Peebles – Harrison (WL) Chandler Austgen – Lowell Michael Curtis – Warsaw
Pete Koulianos – Highland T.j. lukasik – Lowell Jacob Cauhorn – Warsaw
Jim Cobb – Knightstown Ed Miracle – Lowell Matt Thacker – Wawasee
Bob James – LaPorte Eric Fleming – Lowell Marc Hall – West Central
Clay Mannering – Lewis Cass Mike Buchmann – Mishawaka  



Thurs Night 6:00 - 6:50 pm College Speakers

Jonathan Coddington - Anderson University

Creating an Offensive System that is flexible, solves problems, and adapts to your personnel


Jonas Williams - Trine University

DL Play: The Thunder Way


Daniel Hill - Franklin College

Offensive Topic

Evan Stambaugh - Wabash College

4-2-5 Cover 3 Linebacker Play


Thurs Night 7:05 - 8:05pm Bryan Bing - Indianapolis Colts

Tony Dungy Diversity Fellow – Defensive Line Fundamentals

Thurs Night 8:15-8:50 Ryan Walters, Purdue University Head Coach

Thurs Night 8:30 IFCA Social - Sponsored by Pro Power Industries

Thurs Night 9:00-9:50 Purdue University Staff

Lamar Conard (RB) - Purdue University

Developing The Complete RB

Grant O'Brien (DB) - Purdue University

Skills and Drills of Safety Play

Justin Sinz (TE) - Purdue University

Fundamentals and Techniques of the Modern TE

Chris Petrilli (Special Teams) - Purdue University

Mindset of Taking Drills To The Game

Fri Morning 8:40-9:30 High School Speakers

Clinic Attendees need to wear issued BADGES during the State Clinic



Suite 5 is available all weekend for staff meetings and networking.



Gabe Johnson - Bloomington South - Head Coach

Bloomington South Football Year Round Player Development


Sean Granger - Crown Point High School - Defensive Coordinator

Crown Point Run Defense / Box play out of the 3-3 Stack


Russ Mann - Ben Davis HS - Head Coach
Derrek Leonard - Rochester HS (IL)

Quick Screens Off Run Game


Todd Wilkerson - Heritage Hills - Head Coach

An Early Evaluation of Changing from Flexbone to Spread. Why We Changed and How We Changed


Fri Morning 9:40-10:30 College Speakers

Logan Plumley - UIndy

Using 6 Man Zone Pressures to Build a Pressure Identity


Blaine Kowalkowski - Franklin College

Counter the Franklin College Way


Jalen Moss - Butler

Defensive Back Philosophy


Adam Langvardt - Taylor University

Embedding a Turnover Driven Mindset into Your Program


Scott McCarty - Winfield Mt. Union HS (Iowa)

Making the Transition from 11 player to 8 Player Football


Fri Morning 10:40 -11:30 College Speakers

Ted Karras Jr & Staff - Marion University

Quick Hits: OL drills, QB mechanics, LB schedule, DB play

Dan Smith – OL: OL Drills

Matt King – OC: QB Mechanics

Rodney Deckard – LB: LB Schedule

Steve Tutsie – DB/Asst. HC: DB Play



Brett Dietz - Depauw University

Is QB Run RPO the New Quick Game? How We Answered This Using 10/11 Spread Personnel

Joe Chesire - Butler

Special Teams Drillwork


Chuck Martin - Miami (Ohio) University

Defensive Fundamentals to Help You Win A Championship

Scott McCarty - Winfield Mt. Union HS (Iowa)

8 man Spread offense and Zone Run Game


Lunch 11:30 - 12:50 Menu Specials in Hotel Restaurant

Hotel Restaurant Buffet Menu & Price

Friday Lunch at Hotel Restaurant

Salad Bar

Taco Bar Buffet

Zesty Taco Beef

Grilled Fajita chicken

Traditional Toppings

Crunchy and Soft Shells

Spanish Rice

Black Beans

Fresh Baked Cookies


$24 plus Tax

Fri Afternoon 12:50-1:00 20 Year Service Award Winners

Fri Afternoon 1:00-1:35 Curt Mallory - Indiana State University

Fri Afternoon 1:45 -2:35 Indiana State University Staff

Brad Wilson - Indiana State

Red Zone Defense

Collin Coffer - Indiana State

Developing Wide Receivers

Michael Bath - Indiana State

RPO’s and the Offensive Analysis of Our Offense

Kenny Ray Augustus - Indiana State

Developing Defensive Lineman

Fri Afternoon 2:45-3:35 High School Speakers

Clinic Attendees need to wear issued BADGES during the State Clinic



Brian Parker - Hanover Central HS - Head Coach
Kevin Vanderbush - Ben Davis HS - Strength & Conditioning Coach

40 Years as Strength Coach at BDHS – What I’ve Learned


Waylon Schenk - North Posey HS - Head Coach

Adapting the Gap Scheme to fit your Personnel


Cory Yeoman - Penn HS - Head Coach

Multiple 4 Man Front


Cody Vincent - Northwood HS - Asst. Coach

Navigating the College Recruiting Process as a High School Coach


Fri Afternoon 3:45-4:35 College Speakers

Andrew Rode - Indiana Weselyn



Jeff Stanton - Rose Hulman

Planning for Success on Punt Return


Jake Gilbert & Westfield Staff - Westfield HS
Zack Metkler - Manchester University


Chris Davenport - Calumet College of St. Joseph

Athletic Development with a feed the cats approach


Fri Afternoon 4:45-4:55 30 Year Service Award Winners

Fri Afternoon 4:55-5:55 High School Keynote Speaker

Jake Gilbert - Westfield HS

The art of coaching from the city to the suburbs.


Kurt Tippmann - FW Snider

Characteristics of successful coaches and football programs


Fri Dinner 5:55-7:15

Fri Evening 7:15-8:00 IFCA Awards & IHSAA Robert Faulkens

MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN- 3 TV’s, 2025 Clinic Hotel room for 2 nights (2 winners), and Cash Prizes
Robert Faulkens - IHSAA Assistant Commissioner
Awards Recipients

Fri Evening 8:00-8:35 pm Curt Cignetti, Indiana University Head Coach

Fri Evening 8:45-9:35 Indiana University Staff

Bryant Haines (DC/LB) - Indiana University

Creating Explosives on Defense

Mike Shanahan (OC/WR) - Indiana University

Wide Receiver Indy Drills

Tino Sunseri (OC/QB) - Indiana University

Quarterbacks Sniper Mentality

Pat Kuntz (DL) - Indiana University

DL Philosophy: Run Defense and Pass Rush

Fri Night 9:45-12:00 pm IFCA Social sponsored by Adrenaline Fundraising

Hotel Restaurant Saturday Breakfast Buffet Menu & Price

Sat Morning 8:10-8:8:50 FCA Devotional

Sat morning 9:00-9:35 AM Mike Nue, Ball State University Head Coach

Sat morning 9:45-10:35 am Ball State University Staff

Kevin Lynch - Ball State University

QB Developing Accuracy From the Ground Up

Cory Connolly - Ball State University

Special Teams Situations

Nate Atkins - Ball State University

Coverage Fundamentals and Techniques

TBA - Ball State University