2020 IFCA State Clinic








Parking in the Garage.

If you are staying in the hotel, at checkout, keep your room key to use at gate. After scanning, gate will open with no charge. Drop key card in box after passing gate.

If you are not staying in the hotel, see Bob Prescott for a parking pass.

March 12, 13, and 14; Sheraton Indianapolis at Keystone Crossing

PGP points for IFCA State Clinic

Room Supervisors

Thank you to Keith Kilmer and the room supervisors at the State Clinic this weekend:
Josh Strasser Delphi Community
Pete Koulianis Highland
Mark Flueckiger Huntington North
Bob Szafranski Lowell High School
Eric Fleming Lowell High School
Jeremy Bilka Lowell High School
Jim Carlson Lowell High School
Jim Szafranski Lowell High School
Keith Kilmer Lowell High School
Paul Lacy Lowell High School
TJ Lukasik Lowell High School.
Bret Bajdek Marian HS
Mike Davidson Marion
Robert Brown North Central
Marc Hall West Central

Thurs Night 7:00 - 8:10pm Alan Williams, Indianapolis Colts Defensive Back Coach

Thurs Night 8:20 - 8:45pm Jeff Brohm, Purdue University Head Coach

Thurs Night 9:00-10:20 Purdue University Staff

Fri Morning 8:50-9:40 College Speakers

Brad Higginson, Manchester Univ Bio
Alan Hensell, Franklin College Bio
Jordan Langs, Indiana Wesleyan Univ Bio

Fri Morning 9:50-10:40 College Speakers

Jordan Gigli, Northern Illinois Univ

Fundamental 5: Teaching Your DL to Stop the Run

Landon Fox, Valparaiso Univ Bio

Fri Morning 10:50-11:40 College Speakers

Matthew Theobold, Hanover College Bio
Joe Riordan, Wabash College Bio
Trevor Miller, Univ Saint Francis Bio

Fri Afternoon 12:50-1:40 High School Speakers

Shane Turnipseed, Laf Jefferson HS Bio
John Hurley Evansville Memorial HS Bio

Fri Afternoon 1:50-2:10 A moment with Indiana FB Legends

Bill Lynch, Legend Depauw Univ Bio
Mike Leonard, Legend Franklin College Bio

Fri Afternoon 2:15 - 2:40pm Tom Allen, Indiana University Head Coach

Fri Afternoon 2:50-3:40 Indiana University Staff

Nick Sheridan, Indiana Univ Bio
Jason Jones, Indiana Univ Bio
Kevin Wright, Indiana Univ Bio
Brandon Shelby, Indiana Univ Bio

Fri Afternoon 3:50-4:40 College Speakers

Brian Polian, Notre Dame Univ Bio
Chuck Martin Miami Univ (Ohio) Bio
David Denham, Western Michigan Univ Bio
Nick Hill, Southern Illinois Univ Bio

Fri Afternoon 4:50-5:40 College Speakers

Brad Wilson, Indiana State Univ Bio
Brian Polian, Notre Dame Univ Bio
Brian Mason, Cincinnati Univ Bio

Fri Dinner 5:50-7:00 Menu Specials in Hotel Lobby

Fri Night Robert Faulkens, IHSAA Assistant Comissioner

Fri Night 7:50-8:10 Mike Neu, Ball State University Head Coach

Fri Night 8:20-9:10 Ball State Univ Staff

Kevin Lynch, Ball State Univ Bio
Colin Johnson, Ball State Univ Bio
Tyler Stockton, Ball State Univ Bio
Pat Dougherty, Ball State Univ Bio

Fri Night 9:20-10:10 High School Speakers

Sat Morning 8:00-8:40 FCA Devotion

Sat Morning 9:00-9:25 Curt Mallory, Indiana State Head Coach

Sat Morning 9:35-10:25 Indiana State Staff

Mike Switzer, Indiana State Univ
Marcus Knight, Indiana State Univ
Tyler Funk, Indiana State Univ
Aaron Young, Indiana State Univ

Sat Morning 10:35-11:25 High School Speakers

Sat Morning 11:35-12:30 High School Demonstration

Vince Lidy, Mt. Vernon (Fortville) HS