How to Fully Engage with the Heads Up Football High School Program

High School Administrator Checklist

  • Create a new Administrator account or log into your existing account on
  • Enroll your school or school district using the Heads Up Football online registration:
    • Select the Heads Up Football in-person training option that you prefer (choose between training one coach or multiple coaches)
    • Electronically sign Heads Up Football High School Coach Training Agreement
    • Nominate Player Safety Coach (PSC) who has option to attend in-person, 4-hour PSC Clinic

NOTE: A school district administrator can enroll all of the schools within that district through one Heads Up Football enrollment

  • Instruct all of your coaches to complete the Heads Up Football High School Certification available at:
    • Coaches will either create an account or log into their existing account on
    • Coaches will then complete the four course certification – Concussion in Sports, Heat Illness Prevention, Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Blocking, Tackling & Equipment Fitting ($10 per coach)
  • Based on the in-person training option selected, instruct either the one PSC to attend a standard PSC Clinic or work with USA Football to schedule a clinic for all available coaches
  • Ensure that participation waivers releasing HUF LLC from liability are signed by all parents/legal guardians
  • Track your coaches achieving the Heads Up Football High School Certification on
  • Access will be granted to use the Heads Up Football logo/marks once the program has been fully adopted and you submit a signed declaration confirming full adoption